Subscription Pods
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Encouraging children to read and listen, having fun doing it!


Hiya! I'm Pam and my Pod will include wonderfully pretty themed books and items. Choose Pam'sPrettyPod if you love to have monthly themes such as Unicorns, Animals and All Things Cute.


​Hello, I am Big. I have been on many adventures in my long life. My Pod will jump into the world of adventures, such as discovering insects, gardens and caves. Big'sAdventurePod will give you truely wonderful experiences.

​Yo, I'm the one and only Pete! My pod contains lots of great and marvelous books and items each month, such as dinosaurs, space and outdoor exploring. Pete'sMarvelousPod is a fantastic choice, believe me!
Prototype Pod

  1. Pam'sPrettyPod
    More information to follow.
  2. Pete'sMarvelousPod
    More information to follow.
  3. Big'sAdventurePod
    More information to follow.